The most powerful life changing tool I teach to people is to learn a meditative practice called Remembrance.

Remembrance helps to us to de-stress and reduce anxiety by feeling deep peace. It quiets the mind, and shifts the voices and beliefs that have held us back,creating the suffering in our lives. If  you would like more fulfillment, greater joy and abundance, Remembrance can help you greatly. 

NysnöatThis powerful spiritual practice aligns and opens your heart to receive from the Divine: the outer Divine presence and our own inner divine presence. It returns our awareness to the deepest place in our heart. By connecting in to this energy or feeling, the results of this practice are incredible and wide ranging. This practice helps peace, love, guidance, better health become a part of your life.

For those who choose to take the practice even deeper, you can learn to broaden the practice of remembrance to include Divine attributes or qualities: to feel love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and more.

Other teachings include helping people to discern the different voices they are listening to, so that we can live from a higher conciousness and live more consciously. You will also begin to make wiser choices in your life when you begin to discover the underlying beliefs that are really motivating you.

These are some of the tools you can begin to learn so your life can truly blossom. The door is open for you to build your relationship with a higher Divine Being, discover the greater meaning behind our life experiences, discover your life’s purpose, and enrich your life.

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